Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Confession: I took 196 pictures on Easter Sunday. Needless to say, I had trouble picking the best to share. Shall I start my 12 step program now??

Wow! The Easter Bunny sure was good to Cooper this year. Can you tell he has a thing for Elmo and Thomas?

Getting into his loot!

Only on Easter will a child have chocolate around his mouth before 9:00 am! I think this little guy had around 10 Hershey Kisses at least. wonder he didn't take a nap!

He's got to release some of that chocolate energy. We've got a ball player on our hands. Oh, and he's a switch hitter and a left-handed pitcher. Cha-ching!! I sure hope he wants to take care of his Mommy and Daddy when he's making the big bucks.

Of course my angel knows to pose for a photo op every now and then. Why so serious?

Daddy and Cooper hunting some Easter eggs. He did an awesome job for his first hunt!

I just think it is too cute when he squats down like that. I wanted you all to see him in action!

Here, he is trying to find the green eggs that are right in front of him. I guess they blended in pretty well (and no, they are not in the picture if you can't find them). Can you sense the concentration?

Of course, Mason was hamming it up for the camera. I had to stop and snap a few of him. Such a sweet boy!

Cooper wanted to give cousin Mason some sugar! Look at his sweet puckered lips. Mason's reaction is priceless. He just laughed at him! Poor baby got shot down by his own cuz!

Taking a shower in Easter egg confetti!

Aunt Marian letting Cooper pick out some confetti eggs.

Check out the confetti in the curls. It all eventually fell out thanks to the wind. Those curls sure held on tight for a while.

Daddy showing off his loot!!!

This was certainly one of the best Easters ever! We had so much fun and the weather was beautiful. I hope everyone else had a great one. Now, get out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!!

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