Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

We traveled to Henryetta to visit Granny and Papa on Christmas Eve! But before we left, we had to sprinkle our 'Magical Christmas Dust' in the front yard so that Santa would be able to find our house. 
Just in case you are curious, 'Magical Christmas Dust' is a mixture of oats and red and green glitter that you sprinkle in your yard on Christmas Eve. The smell of the oats help guide the reindeer, and the moonlight reflects off the glitter to help guide Santa to steer in your direction.

We emptied 2 bags in our yard to insure that Santa didn't miss us! Yes, I know...Cooper looks thrilled. He was a little tired. Once we got in the car, he fell asleep almost immediately! 

Once we got to the farm, Cooper was good to go. He played around waiting for every child's favorite past time...opening presents. In this particular instance, he was playing with the cardboard rolls that wrapping paper comes on. It's the simple pleasures in life that can keep a young boy busy.
Please notice Cooper's rocking cowboy duds. Granny made a trip to the western store in Henryetta to get him an outfit just like Papa's. He has some really cute boots too!

Every holiday, Cooper loves to hang out with Granny in the kitchen. He always wants her to hold him while she cooks. I'm so thankful that he will have these special memories because I have some of the very same in this very kitchen!

Now, time for the main event! We all gathered around the living room like we have for years so we could exchange Christmas gifts. But, who are we kidding?? We know it is all about the little one now. Megan, KR, and Ashley should get a little attention though...

Cooper had a blast opening his gifts. Football, Thomas & Friends gear...

...and Dance Star Mickey! He thought Mickey was absolutely hilarious. We all did for that matter. 

After Cooper was finished, he ventured over to Papa to help him open his stocking. As you can tell, his proud Papa didn't seem to mind.

Once we got home, it was time to set out some cookies and milk for Santa and head off to bed. It almost looks like Cooper's shrine to Santa because we put all 3 years of his Santa pictures out for Christmas decorations. Ha!

When we got the cookies out, Cooper just couldn't resist. He had to have a cookie too. How can I say 'no' to that??? It's Christmas!

The funny part, Cooper only ate half of his cookie, and then he decided that he would share the rest with Santa. A little extra last minute generosity to insure an abundance of goodies!! 

Christmas Eve is such a special memory! We feel so incredibly blessed to have this wonderful little boy to welcome the magic of Christmas into our home.

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