Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mickey Mouse Live!

We were given free tickets to Mickey Mouse Live on Saturday! Cooper was so pumped when he learned he was going to get to see Mickey Mouse again. Then, at the last minute, Grandma and Grandpa got an invitation as well. 

At first, Cooper was a little nervous sitting in Grandpa's lap. Once the show was on the road, Cooper warmed up to the idea.

Donald Duck taught Cooper to shake his tail feathers. The next morning, Cooper woke me up by telling me to get up and shake my tail feathers. Ha! That was just priceless!!!

Of course, Cooper saw all of the other kids that had the spinning light sticks. Then, $22 later, Cooper had one too. Nothing is too ridiculously priced for my angel.

The show was Mickey Mouse's magic show. He and Minnie welcomed a slew of their friends to do magic tricks for the kids in the audience. I have to admit, a few of them even boggled my mind!

At intermission, Cooper got to enjoy some chips and coke. Man, we let this little guy get away with murder. We just love our little boy!!!

The grand finale!

Cooper wanted to sleep in his Mickey shirt. Then, Daddy got up and made him a Mickey Mouse pancake. However, they were pumpkin flavored. Cooper didn't end up liking them, so we had to improvise with a regular old waffle. His favorite!!!


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