Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

Yesterday, Cooper was scared of the snow. Today, he woke up and immediately wanted to go play in the snow. So, he and I proceeded to put layers of clothing on and take a few minutes to play outside this morning. It must be love when a mom would go out into the freezing cold to play in snow before having coffee or breakfast. 

Cooper learned how to throw snowballs even though this wasn't really the snow for it. 

The snowballs just fell apart in the air. However, this didn't stop him from trying.

I then had to shovel a path to Cooper's playhouse because the snow was too deep for him to walk across the yard. By the time we got there, I was sweating and didn't even realize that it was close to freezing outside. After the subzero temperatures we've been having, it felt like we were having a heat wave anyways!

Cooper decided that he loved snow!! He realized that it was a little like a snow cone or ice cream. So, he proceeded to have a taste!

And, he LOVED it!! Of course, Daddy had to ruin his fun with the responsibility aspect and how the snow could have bacteria in it and make him sick. So, he didn't get more than just a taste.

A few tears later, he made the daunting trip back to the house. Or, did he eat his way there and back???

The snow is finally starting to melt today. I'm sure we will get it half way melted just in time for our next storm on Tuesday! 
In case you didn't know, we moved to the arctic...
 ...or so it feels.

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