Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cooper and the Tagalongs

So, Cooper and I ate dinner alone tonight because Daddy wasn't feeling well. I just made a "Cooper Friendly" meal of chicken nuggets and french fries. As a treat after, while we were still at the dinner table having "Mommy and Me" time, I brought out the box of Tagalongs (Girl Scout cookies). Cooper loves, loves, loves chocolate!! So, he was very excited to have a treat. Well, I must say now that I do not have an endless supply, but it is hard for a toddler to understand that when he just wants one more cookie...

Oh Mommy, thank you so much for this delicious chocolate peanut buttery goodness!!

Mmmmmmmm...this just hits the spot!

You think I could get another one in these chunky, chipmunk cheeks?

What?!? You don't have anymore??


Well that was unexpected! And, yes, he eventually got over it and had a bath. Then, I was back in his good graces eventually. And, when it was all said and done, he lived happily ever after...

Can you believe this is the same kid as above?? He's precious in this state!

I sure LOVE this kid!

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