Friday, February 26, 2010

Cooper Loves Homemade Bread Too

Cooper had a little bit of a rough day today. Fridays are always a little harder because he's been away from Mommy and Daddy most of the week, and he's ready to settle down to stay at home for a couple of days. He was really clingy when we got home today. So, I let him set up on the counter while I assembled the grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Well, I sliced a piece of bread a little to thin, and he asked for it. Of course, the blogger in me had to pause for some pictures. Daddy came in to help with that for a moment. A side-note: I'm pretty sure Kenny is starting to question my sanity regarding this whole "blog thing." But you know him, he just goes with the flow. Now, back to Cooper and the bread. Let's just say he loved it; dominating the entire piece. That's my boy!

Dad, are you kidding me? She's got you taking pictures now too??

Alright. If you insist. I will be cute while eating this bread!

Oh, it's the simple pleasures in life that bring such joy! Especially after a week of work and being away from your family for 8 hours a day. Thank God for Friday evenings in the kitchen together...brings me back down to Earth, reminding me of what's most important. You're looking at him!

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