Sunday, February 21, 2010

What To Do When Mom And Dad Are Watching A Movie...

What, you might ask, does Cooper do when Mommy and Daddy want to watch a movie and he is tired of watching Thomas and Friends in his playroom??? Well, tonight he decided it would be a good idea to grab the roll of toilet paper I have been using for tissue in the living room and tear some off. Oh, it didn't stop there though. He then proceeded to tear it into the tiniest pieces his little hands could produce. Then, when he stood up, there were little pieces stuck to him. Therefore, he left a trail of toilet paper pieces as he ran around the house before bed. There was a nice little trail from the living room, down the hall to his bedroom and his playroom. I couldn't stop him though. He was quiet. He was cute. And...I knew I would be able to blog about it for all of you. Now, enjoy the illustration!

Want a piece, Mom?

What, you don't think this is cute??

Well, here. Let me get a little closer to concentrate. Maybe if I get you a smaller piece, you will think this is cute...'s the piece for you Mom. I lay it at your feet!

See, I'm still the cutest kid around!! You love me. 

And that I do. I must go to bed to be rested for the start of another week. I just wanted to leave you with a little taste of how we ended the weekend. Oh, and if you were wondering, we were watching "Year One." Pretty funny!

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