Monday, March 8, 2010

Date Night

Ladies and Gents...

For those of you who are married with children, please, please, please tell me you make time to enjoy each other as a couple independent of your child(ren)!! Kenny and I have made it our priority to STAY MARRIED!! This means that we take one night per week out of our crazy and hectic schedules for a "date night." Plus, it is a little perk that we get to eat out too. Since the Alvarado's incident (Cooper behaved like a toddler), we don't really force the little one to dine in public. Anyways, we had an amazing date night last Friday. 

After work, we went out to Lake Hefner to eat at Mama Roja. They have some of the most amazing Mexican food. Oh, and don't forget the perfect margaritas (they live up to their name). We had a perfect view of the lake at sunset (see above - although this is a little dark because I took it with the IPhone). Heck, it almost felt like we were on vacation. 

But, all good things must come to an end...


Who are we kidding?? We are ready to pick Cooper up by the end of the night anyways. We are still fairly new parents and the conversation always has a way of coming back around to him. But really, if you are ready for a date night, I recommend Mama Roja on the lake. You can't beat it!!

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