Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I've Been Watching

Year One Poster       
 See full size imageI enjoyed this movie. I laughed out loud, which warrants a thumbs up in my book! Year One was definitely an interesting take on Biblical stories. You know what I actually got up from the movie thinking? I wonder how the people of that era actually did speak. Obviously, this movie was historically inaccurate when it comes to this small issue. But I guess historical accuracy isn't exactly what it was all about. 

See full size imageThere is something about the Transformers movies that I just love. Talk about taking you out of reality for a couple of hours. Big comfy chair + HD TV + Blu-ray + Surround Sound = Amazing Movie Experience! The only negative I can say about this one is that the sequence when Sam is trying to get to Optimus Prime could have been a good 30 minutes shorter. Girls, give this one a chance even if you aren't into the "action movie thing." If nothing else, you have got to appreciate the special effects.

Shutter Island
See full size imageI went into this movie thinking that it would definitely be slightly disturbing and scary. I thought more emphasis on scary rather than disturbing. Oh no, it is quite the other way around. Let me just say this. As a mother, I would never, never, never recommend another mother watch this movie. Now, I do appreciate the fact that this movie did it's job (as Kenny keeps reminding me - he loved it)...it bothered me! Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing as usual. I just don't recommend watching it because I left the theater with a knot in my stomach, quite disgusted. All I could think of doing was going to pick up my baby and snuggling. When (if) you watch it, you'll know what I mean.

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