Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kenny Is Cooking All Week!!

Since Kenny wasn't feeling well last week (I picked up the slack with meals and Cooper), he has agreed to cook all week! We have had some pretty great meals with more to come. He was proud of the last two and thought I could share some pictures. He's not big on sticking to recipes, so I can find out how he makes something if anyone is interested. I do know where he gets his inspiration, so I will try to share as much as I know now. 

Huevos Rancheros
Inspiration: Cook This Not That Kitchen Survival Guide

Grilled Steak with Sweet Potato Fries
Inspiration: The BBQ Bible (I love this book for him. I get to reap the benefits of some amazing meals!!)

Kenny is definitely an great cook and an even better husband. I am so lucky! And yes, my plate looks like this when it is all said and done!
Guess it is a good thing I got married before I became too much of a fatty! :)
I kid, I kid...

Hope everyone is having a delicious week so far! Any good recipes you would like to share??

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  1. I do have a recipe to share!! Chicken nuggets and tater tots...ahhhhh...the good old days. :-)

    No, seriously. It's nothing fancy and sorry but I don't have pretty pictures but it's one of the EASIEST things you can make. It's fairly inexpensive too depending on the cut of meat you use.

    Place a roast in your slow-cooker and cover it with straight apple juice. The cheaper the better on the apple juice. Let it cook for 4 - 6 hours on high or until it's done. Remove the roast from the pot and shred the meat. Cover it with your favorite BBQ sauce. Spoon it on a bun and wa-la...dinner is served. Serve with chips, fries or baked beans.

    I'm not found of leaving my slow cooker on while I'm away during the day so I usually let it cook on low overnight.

    As for the size of the roast - use whatever will feed your family and fit in your slow cooker. Make sure it is completely covered with the apple juice.