Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

As most of you know, Cooper is quite the Thomas & Friends fanatic. Much to our delight Thomas came to OKC again this year, and Cooper was finally old enough to enjoy the ride!

We enjoyed a sing-a-long, playing with the Thomas & Friends toys, looking around at all of the real life choo-choo's, and the ride on Thomas. 

We even ran into some Henryetta family there! Such a small world. 

Cooper was such a big boy. He sat across from us on the train ride in a seat all by himself. He held his own ticket and gave it to the attendant himself. At the end of the ride, the attendant gave Cooper a "Junior Engineer" certificate. 

After the train ride, Cooper got to meet Sir Topham Hat. He was more excited about meeting him than seeing Thomas. We waited in line, and he wanted Mommy to hold him. So, we met Sir Topham Hat, took our picture, and then said our good-byes. On the way out, Cooper bursts into tears and starts crying that he wanted a hug. I attempted to take him back through the line only to find out that Sir Topham Hat is "checking on the trains" and won't be back for another hour. Woops! Needless to say, Cooper will not make that mistake again. 

He learned quickly...if you want a hug, you better get it while you have the chance. Poor guy!

Overall, the "Day Out With Thomas" was a huge success. We will definitely go again if Cooper is still a Thomas fan. 

Go, Go Thomas! #1!

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