Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Potty Training Woes

Well, I simply must share some of the most hilarious potty training pictures you will ever see. If nothing else, Cooper shall serve as constant entertainment! I mean, really, have you ever seen something so cute?!? Here I am, trying to seriously potty train and get him pumped about it, and he puts the potty seat on his head!

It is almost as if he is praying to the "Potty Gods" for the strength to go! Oh, these are just the priceless moments that I will be able to share with his potential "love interests".

How about this for a serious boy? Just doing a little studying on how this whole 'using the toilet thing' actually works. And yes, the mosquitoes attacked him this summer. You will have to excuse the giant bite on the side of his face. He's just too sweet for those mean 'ol bugs to pass up!

Truly, he is doing a really good job on trying to use the potty. He consistently goes before his bath, and his daytime caregiver is working with him diligently. He will typically go for her a few times a day. Then, occasionally, he will wake up with a "bone dry" diaper, and we give him serious accolades for that!! However, we don't want to push anything. So, we have just put it out there and made the adorable froggy potty available for use. 

Now, for Pete's sake...can I get a little privacy please?!?

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