Monday, November 15, 2010

Mother of the Year

Well, I just thought that I would go ahead and make a little confession while I catch up on the 'ol blog. I'm pretty sure I will not win 'Mother of the Year' for this one.

Before bed the other night, I allowed my dear toddler to sit up on the kitchen island to share in piece of cake before bed. Yup, that's right, before bed. He was on cloud nine! Then, of course, he grabbed my cup of iced tea to have a little. Believe it or not, he brushed his teeth and went right to bed after this. 

My wish as his mother is that he will remember moments like this. I want him to recall that I didn't always follow the "parenting handbook" to the letter, that I let him splurge every now and then, and that we had special moments just the two of us even if it was something as simple as a slice of cake and two forks! I live for moments like that.

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