Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday Family Movie Night

Last Friday, we had "Friday Family Movie Night," which we haven't done in a while. Cooper is on a major Toy Store kick, so we decided to watch Toy Story 2 since Daddy hadn't seen it yet. Cooper had all of the characters along for the ride, including the Slinky Dog from my childhood!

On the menu, Mickey Mouse pancakes to keep the Disney theme going. Daddy has started a trend that Cooper asks for Mikey Mouse every time he has pancakes or waffles. As you can see, they light up his meal!

After dinner, Cooper decided that he wanted to wear his Toy Story PJ's too! As you might notice, he is still carrying Woody and Jessie around too.

Then, off to bed. And oh yes, the characters got to come along for the ride.

When this boy decides he likes something, we go all out to make sure he enjoys it while it last. Thomas, then Spiderman, then Toy Story...we are starting some list. The good thing is that he still likes them all. We just play with each in phases.

We are asking Santa for Buzz and Woody for Christmas. Now, let's see if this lasts all the way until Christmas!

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